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Being Afraid of Relationships Quotes

There are over 7 trillion nerves in the human body! Some people are

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Sometimes you just have to erase the messages, delete the numbers, and

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Prevalence of schizophrenia compared to other well-known diseases

So many miracles awaited her, she just needed to keep walking ~ God is

Damn Right im afraid to lose you. ~ God is Heart

Básicamente todo el universo de fans gira entorno a Ross Lynch y

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will always care for you, even if were not together and even if we

My Life. My Choices. My Mistakes. My Lessons. not your Business ~ God

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In a relationship there are ups and downs, but when you truly love

He used to be the reason to wake up in the morning, now he is the

When writing the Story of Your Life, Dont let anyone else hold the

was like a cranky old lady. | 400 Days of Deployment

Just because I am strong enough to handle PAIN, doesnt mean I deserve

its better to have few real friends than to have a thousand fake ones

hold on to someone who doesnt care about losing you. rejection quotes

ve always been afraid of losing the people I love. Sometimes I